"Applying for a visa abroad is not an easy task or something one can do on their own.I consider myself to be very fortunate to have worked with Macpherson agency as they provided a fast and smooth experience. I’m very grateful to Judy and Christine for their continuous support and advice they gave me in obtaining my visa. They answered all queries with promptness and patience no matter what time or how many times I called them. I highly recommend their services."

— Rutendo, Swansea University

"Working with the Macpherson team was a hassle free and enjoyable process. Applying to universities was not as stressful as most students would make it seem. I was guided through each phase and all of my concerns were addressed promptly. With Macpherson's help I was able to enroll at the University of Portsmouth. I am enjoying myself and I have easily made friends. Portsmouth is a student friendly area with breathtaking sea front views."

- Shingirai,

University of Portsmouth

"Macpherson helped me secure a place for higher education even when I had lost hope. With Tanya's guidance my parents and I were able to smoothly go through all the motions - from beginning the enrollment applications right to the Visa stage. With every visit, the Macpherson staff, Tanya in particular, greeted my parents and I with a sense of professionalism, encouragement and support wherever needed. I am so glad we came to Macpherson for help!"

- Samantha,


College Portsmouth

Congratulations Anesu Hillary Chirunga on your graduation. We wish you all the best as you continue your journey, studying for your  Master in Social Work.


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