"My experience at MES has been full of surprises, I had no idea a team could work so efficiently. They sat me down and after carefully listening to my ambitions and thoughts they truthfully laid the situation on the ground for me. No time was wasted. I brought in all my papers after agreeing on an institution, they contacted the institution directly and within 48 hours I had my acceptance letter. Following that I was assigned an MES representative who constantly checked up on me, made sure I was receiving all the information I needed, made sure I was asking the right questions. She literally looked after me well into the first few weeks of my first semester. 


All of this and so much more FREE of charge with no hidden fees whatsoever and complete transparency. It would be incorrect to call MES a team, they are a family and the students they assist are apart of that family. 11/10, I totally recommend"

— Gregory, Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia.

—  Name, Title

"I am so glad that I was introduced to Macpherson Education Services by my friend. Mrs Judith Ward and Miss Tanya were extremely helpful and guided me in the right pathway for getting my visa. Not only did they assist me with my visa, they also went out of their way to tell me a lot of key information about the university I was attending and showed me beautiful pictures of the university. They constantly check up on me even to this day and I am very grateful for that. The staff at Macpherson Education Services are exceptionally kind, patient and caring. "


- Khushbu,

Swansea University,

United Kingdom.

"My journey with with Macpherson Education Services (MES) was long, yet they stuck with me throughout. I had  initially wanted to be in Australia by July 2018, but only ended up getting here in January 2020. It felt like the obstacles were endless, from visa refusals to missed deadlines, but I am forever grateful for the continued dedication to my dreams that the team at MES showed. They are a devoted and reliable group and would definitely recommend their services!" 


- Tinovimba,

Newcastle International College,


WhatsApp Image 2019-11-13 at 1.21.42 PM.

- Shingirai,

University of Portsmouth,

United Kingdom.

"Working with the Macpherson team was a hassle free and enjoyable process. Applying to universities was not as stressful as most students would make it seem. I was guided through each phase and all of my concerns were addressed promptly. With Macpherson's help I was able to enroll at the University of Portsmouth. I am enjoying myself and I have easily made friends. Portsmouth is a student friendly area with breathtaking sea front views."

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-13 at 1.21.22 PM.

- Samantha,


College Portsmouth,

United Kingdom.

"Macpherson helped me secure a place for higher education even when I had lost hope. With Tanya's guidance my parents and I were able to smoothly go through all the motions - from beginning the enrollment applications right to the Visa stage. With every visit, the Macpherson staff, Tanya in particular, greeted my parents and I with a sense of professionalism, encouragement and support wherever needed. I am so glad we came to Macpherson for help!"

"I applied to Griffith University through MES and the team made the application process comprehensive to understand and easy to follow. They provided relevant advice which helped me to start not only University, but also my new life in Australia. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce degree and chose to major in both Accounting & Finance as I believed it would open more opportunities in terms of kick-starting my career. The Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Griffith University helped me to understand how the business world works and the value of taking part in internships, as well as developing skills that a fresh Accounting or Finance Graduate would need when entering the industry. These skills that I developed helped me to kickstart my career in Auditing and I can say with confidence that Macpherson helped me to make the best decision for my tertiary education."

Tendayi Ndoro picture.jpg

- Tendayi,

Griffith University Graduate,


"I started as a primary school teacher after graduating from Nyadire Teachers College (PTH). I started teaching in 1968 and at various primary schools in Zimbabwe. While teaching, I was studying privately, since I had gone to college with a Form 2. I then transferred to Schools Psychological Services (SPS - department in the ministry of education that deals with special education) where I worked for twelve years as a remedial tutor. While working there, I was offered a scholarship to study at The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, and graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (Special Education) (B.Phil ED). After obtaining my degree, I transferred to the Secondary Education sector as a headmaster. I worked as a secondary school headmaster for nine years and while working in the secondary sector, I enrolled to do my MEd with Macpherson Education and did it through distance learning. I then took early retirement from work after completing my MEd and came over to England. I was encouraged by the success I experienced while studying at Macpherson Education, I enrolled to do a Doctor of Education at the University of Derby. My research title was ' A CASE STUDY OF A SCHOOL IN ZIMBABWE: INVESTIGATING CHALLENGES FACED BY RURAL O-LEVEL STUDENTS AND STRATEGIES USED BY TEACHERS IN THE ENGLISH READING-COMPREHENSION CLASSES. It was my experience and skills I gained from Macpherson Education that enabled me to succeed in my doctorate degree."" 


- Dr. Maxwell Obediah Kanyoka,

Doctor of Education

University of Southern Queensland


"I reached out to the Macphereson Education Services after I finished my U6 at Girls’ College Bulawayo. I was welcomed with smiles all around from my first visit right until I received my visa to Australia. The team there are  helpful, quick to reply and extremely kind. They helped me choose a great programme at a university in Australia and still continue to receive my emails with a warm welcome. I am very pleased with the service I received and have recommended them to a few of my juniors and will continue to do so to anyone that requires their council."

— Melissa, Deakin College, Australia.

Congratulations Anesu Hillary Chirunga on your graduation. We wish you all the best as you continue your journey, studying for your  Master in Social Work.