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Macpherson Education Services represents over 80 international education institutions in Australia, Canada, the UK, Malaysia, Mauritius and the Netherlands.

We have been operating since 1993 and have successfully placed thousands of students in overseas institutions. All our services from career counselling to pre-departure advice are offered FREE of charge as we are funded by the universities.

our Services include


Giving students advice on appropriate courses and institutions to meet their academic qualifications and budget.

assistance with applications

We assist every step of the way with all the applications, including the university and visa applications.

pre-departure information

We host pre-departure session with students going to each institution.


"I think the services here are so phenomenal! The atmosphere is just so lovely and it really helps to make you see that you’re going through the journey together. Whenever in doubt you know that it can be clarified in a matter of seconds which is fantastic."

—  Tatenda, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom.

Ways to contact us

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