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Academic and Career Counselling

We provide counselling and professional impartial advice to prospective students and their parents on suitable courses. We take into account your qualifications, preferences, budget and long-term career goals to help you make an informed choice.

Please note: our consultations are FREE! We regret that we do not have access to full scholarships.


University Applications

We assist with the entire application process and liaise with the university regarding your application.


Visa Applications

We assist with the application process and advise students on documentation required, such as; medical requirements, IELTS, financial guarantee and other requirements*.

*Please note the visa process differs by country.


Accommodation Assistance

We offer advice on the accommodation available at the chosen institution including type, cost and the application process.


Pre-departure Information

We host pre-departure briefing sessions with students going to each institution. 


On-going Support

Should the students have any questions or concerns regarding their course, enrolment, timetable, unit choices, or anything else, we are available to assist them at any time.

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