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Our Story

Since 1993, counsellors at Macpherson have successfully placed students in tertiary institutions in Australia, in Australian University campuses in Malaysia, Mauritius and South Africa, at institutions in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands, as well as for pathway programs to the USA and Europe. Macpherson also provide a detailed pre-departure briefing to ensure the students understand the climatic conditions, cultural norms and other living conditions in the destination country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are your services?

A. All our services are FREE as the Universities pay us to assist their students.


Q. Do you offer full scholarships?

A. No, we regret we do not offer full scholarships, however some universities have partial scholarships.


Q. How can I book an appointment?

A. You can send us an email on on how we can help you and we will send you an email with appointment times and dates. It is that easy!!!

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