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When do I apply to a University?

The timing varies according to the country; however, most universities will give conditional offers before the final school examination results are released. It is advisable to have O level, and if possible AS, results and/or predictions for the final A levels to hand. Please note many universities will only take final results for courses that have quotas, e.g. Medicine.


How long does it take to get a reply for an application to a university?

Again, this varies from university to university, as well as the time of the submission: some take 2-3 days, others several weeks. MES staff monitor the response time on your behalf and send a request for action to the university when it is delayed.


Do I need to take an English language test?

For Australia, , students are required to do an Academic IELTS test for many Health and Education courses. Immigration may require Zimbabwe passport holders to do an IELTS examination, depending on the particular university to which they apply.MES staff can explain this in detail.

             For Curtin University in Malaysia and Mauritius, an English test is not         required for Zimbabwean students.


Can I pay tuition fees by instalments?

For Australia, the universities generally require payment of the firstsemester (half the yearly fees), or the first trimester fees before you are accepted at the university. You then pay the next semester or trimester in advance of that semester/trimester commencing. For the UK many universities take a deposit



Can I work whilst I am studying?

This varies from country to country. Students may work part-time in Australia, Canada, Mauritius, the Netherlands and the UK,. However, there is always a limit on the hours per week you can work during term time. This is to ensure that a student does not fail because they are devoting too much time to their job and not enough to study.

May I apply to do a study abroad in a different country?

Most universities offer students the chance to do a semester or a year at another university with whom they have a study abroad agreement. Students normally need to have a credit average or above, to be eligible.


If I apply to a campus of a university in one country may I move to a different campus of the same university during my study?

Yes. However, there may be conditions such as the pass marks a student achieves in the first year and the length of period they have already completed at the original campus.



Can I stay and work in my host country after graduation?

Some countries allow this. Currently, students in Australia completing a university degree of more than two years, can apply for a post study work visa; this is usually for two years. The study period prior to applying for a work visa varies for each of these countries.


Can I get a full scholarship?

It is rare to find a university that grants full scholarships for undergraduates anymore. There are a few part-scholarships granted, though in reality, these are simply a discount for a year’s fees, or on accommodation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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